President Trump’s recent flurry of activity has raised speculation about his future role in American politics. It is thus incumbent upon his strongest supporters to engage in a difficult introspective question: What role does America most need Trump to play?

Candidates nominated in appreciation of past service typically fare poorly. The most successful candidates are those who understand the demands of the current moment. And the most successful presidents followed through by delivering on their campaign promises. Donald Trump did both. In 2016, America was suffering from 16 years of dismal leadership implicating both parties. America needed an outsider beholden to neither the Bush nor the Obama agendas who could grab the country by its lapels, get in its face, and scream, “PAY ATTENTION!” Trump was uniquely capable of providing that wake-up call.

By 2024, assuming that the country can restore acceptable levels of ballot integrity, America will need something different. The strongest candidate — and the person most likely to produce a successful right-of-center presidency — will be the person best suited to that point in time.