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Palestine, Palestinians are Code Words

From Newsmax October 19, 2023 ‘Palestine’ Has Always Been Code for an Antisemitic Movement It’s far beyond[…]

Elon Musk’s Opportunity on Antisemitism

From The Epoch Times Sept. 15, 2023 Elon Musk has a rare opportunity to make a significant[…]

The Clear and Present AI Danger

From RealClearPolicy May 24, 2023 Does artificial intelligence threaten to conquer humanity? In recent months, the question[…]

Pity the Child

From RealClearBooks April 4, 2023 About a decade ago, toddler son in tow, I found myself in[…]

The Warnings Unheeded Now Threaten Our Fundamental Freedoms

From RealClear Politics March 31, 2023 The First Amendment is at a critical juncture. Recent congressional hearings[…]

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