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Critical Race Theory vs. American Exceptionalism

Over the past few weeks, legislatures, school boards, and parents have risen to challenge critical race theory[…]

To Defeat White Supremacism, Fight Critical Race Theory

President Joe Biden, in his address to Congress, repeated his absurd claim that white supremacism is “the[…]

Make American Greatness Sustainable!

President Trump’s recent flurry of activity has raised speculation about his future role in American politics. It[…]

An Open Letter to Moderate Democrats

Did you cheer Joe Biden’s victory over Bernie Sanders as a sign that moderation had prevailed within[…]

The Abject Cruelty of Progressivism

Progressivism is an extraordinarily cruel ideology. Progressive cruelty is everywhere. Consider the poor and poverty. What America’s[…]

The China model has come to America

Too few Americans understand the threat that China’s governing philosophy and structures pose to the US China[…]

The Humanities Are Dead | Opinion

The line between toppling statues and burning books is razor thin. Of course, you’d need at least[…]

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