The Conservative Temperament Is Dooming America

From RealClearPolitics September 16, 2021 William F. Buckley’s desire to “stand athwart history and yell ‘Stop!’” described[…]

Woke Crescent

From American Mind Like Obama, Biden bends the arc of the Left toward Islamism. After 20 years[…]

Distrust & Verify

From RealClearPolitics Every member of America’s expert class possessing even a modicum of integrity and self-awareness has[…]

US must stop fighting limited wars: The debacle in Afghanistan follows a disastrous pattern of American attempts at limited engagements across Asia

From Asia Times The debacle currently unfolding in Afghanistan has long been predictable. It’s the inevitable consequence[…]

New York after Cuomo: Out With the Bad, In With the Worse?

From Newsmax So Andrew Cuomo has announced that he will resign as New York’s governor in two[…]

No More Slogans

From Tablet Magazine 7/14/21 Antisemitism is on the rise. In response, organizational American Jewry has united behind[…]

Why ‘Justice for Palestine!’ Is Antisemitic

From The Epoch Times, 8/6/21 American leftists are becoming increasingly open about their antisemitism. On July 31,[…]

The Great Awokening

From American Greatness, 7/31/21 If you want to make sense of what appears to be America’s rapid[…]

The American Republic Has Fallen. Do We Have the Will to Restore It?

New essay on substack. The American Republic Has Fallen. Do We Have the Will to Restore It?[…]

Incremental Outrageousness Is Killing America

Critical race theory has exploded into public consciousness. Millions of American parents are just coming to realize[…]

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