The Root Cause of Academic Groupthink

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The Battle for Higher Education

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Campus Jewish life requires education reform

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New College of Florida Provides a Haven

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Restoring Moral Clarity on Campus

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Palestine, Palestinians are Code Words

October 19, 2023 ‘Palestine’ Has Always Been Code for an Antisemitic Movement It’s far beyond time to drop the pretense. There never was a Palestinian nation and there can never be a Palestinian state. The Mideast cannot stabilize — much less move towards peace, prosperity, and human development — as long as the pernicious ... read full

Elon Musk’s Opportunity on Antisemitism

Sept. 15, 2023 Elon Musk has a rare opportunity to make a significant contribution to the fight against antisemitism—if he chooses to take it. Those of us deeply concerned with rising antisemitism should all hope that he decides to become part of the solution rather than an abettor of the problem. For ... read full

The Clear and Present AI Danger

From RealClearPolicy May 24, 2023 Does artificial intelligence threaten to conquer humanity? In recent months, the question has leaped from the pages of science fiction novels to the forefront of media and government attention. It’s unclear, however, how many of the discussants understand the implication of that leap. In the ... read full

Pity the Child

From RealClearBooks April 4, 2023 About a decade ago, toddler son in tow, I found myself in a playground for the first time in 35 years. It was not what I remembered. The colors were far more vibrant. Plastic had replaced wood and metal. Sharp edges had been rounded, ... read full

The Warnings Unheeded Now Threaten Our Fundamental Freedoms

March 31, 2023 The First Amendment is at a critical juncture. Recent congressional hearings on the Twitter Files brought the matter into full public view. Freedom of speech and of the press are hanging by a precarious thread. Do we want a future in which information flows freely, or one in ... read full

Student Debt Forgiveness Won’t Cure Higher Ed’s Disease

March 8, 2023 On February 28th, the Supreme Court heard arguments on President Biden’s plan to extinguish an estimated $400 billion in student debt. Biden deserves credit for highlighting a debilitating federal program in desperate need of reform. His proposal, however, would make the problem far worse, not better. Any serious ... read full

Corporations Embracing ESG Must Lose Their Legal Protection

February 27, 2023 ESG, an acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance, is everywhere. If you work for, advise, invest in, regulate, study, or otherwise care about one or more corporations, you’ve likely encountered the term. Consultancies, banks, investment funds, managers, governments, and international organizations trip over themselves touting their ESG scores ... read full

Fear-driven America Has Perfect President in Biden

February 15, 2023 America has become a deeply risk-averse, and concurrently, fear-based society. Our national policies, politics, advertising, and actions reek of fear and warnings of danger (of those present, and those ahead). The loud and clear message is to avert (real and/or imagined) dangers at all costs. Joe Biden is the bona fide ... read full

Liberty, Justice, and Peace on Earth

Jan. 21, 2023 Years ago, while demonstrating to support or oppose some very important cause I’ve long since forgotten, I committed an unpardonable sin. I accidentally paid attention to what we were chanting. “No Justice, No Peace!” we repeated, waving signs and banners confirming that we were adamant. It felt good. Why ... read full

The Election America Needs

Dec. 8, 2022 In 2015, as another presidential election approached, I found myself resigned to choosing between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. I couldn’t imagine a clearer illustration of the contempt the nation’s elites felt for the American people. The voters expressed their disgust. The only two candidates capable of generating passion ... read full

What the GOP Must Learn from Elon Musk

Nov. 2, 2022 Donald Trump may have owned “You’re Fired!” but Elon Musk is teaching America what it means. The GOP should pay attention. Musk’s greatest undertaking as the new “Chief Twit” involves deploying new business models that enhance corporate value, but his most visible challenge is changing the culture of this ... read full

Will Hispanics Save America?

Oct. 20, 2022 Opportunity. It’s why we all came here. For generations, immigrants have brought the varying flavors of their life experiences to America, enriching and revitalizing our culture in the process. They came for freedom from government, with no expectations of relying on it. Yet some multigenerational American families—having grown accustomed ... read full

The Establishment Clause Can Defeat Wokeism

Oct. 4, 2022 For decades, forces unfriendly to religion have used the Constitution’s separation of church and state to minimize the influence of traditional faiths—particularly Christianity—in public life. Americans holding a more favorable view of tradition might now consider taking a page from their playbook to defeat the new religion of ... read full

The True Soul of America

The threat to the soul of our nation is real and palpable. Its source is not, however, the one Joe Biden identified. Sept. 10, 2022 Sometimes a speech can reveal important truths contrary to those the speaker hoped to convey. Joe Biden gave the country a perfect example with his “Soul ... read full

The New Religion of Wokeism

August 15, 2022 Have Americans truly turned away from religion? Or have they merely found a new faith? A 2016 poll by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found that 25 percent of all Americans described their religion as “none.” That description was particularly prominent among elite urban, affluent, credentialed, professional, and ... read full

The Trans Movement and the Woke Soul

July 20, 2022 America’s abandonment of faith gave rise to a new Woke religion. The Trans Movement is central to that new faith. Spiritual Crisis America is mired in a deep spiritual crisis. Nearly every movement or development prominent in modern American life—positive or negative, cultural, social, or political—traces to our ... read full

Right Opposes All Supremacists, Left Only White Supremacists

May 24, 2022 co-authored with Jeff Ballabon White supremacism is back in the news. Why? One reason is that the Buffalo shooter left a lengthy, disturbed “manifesto” touching upon many themes — adopting and attacking slogans used across America’s full political spectrum — including white supremacism. The more important reason is that Democrats from ... read full

The End of the Internet as We Know It?

April 28, 2022 Does Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter mark the end of the Internet as we know it? We should all certainly hope so. The imminent demise of anything widespread, useful, and popular always sounds scary. Any threat that such an ominous occurrence may be on the horizon—unless collective action arises ... read full

Musk’s Gambit and the Future of Morality

April 21, 2022 The excitement and fury surrounding Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter suggests that there’s a lot more at stake than a hostile takeover of a popular consumer-facing company. What we’re experiencing is the newest front in the battle over America’s moral compass. At the most basic level, Musk’s bid makes ... read full

China, the global order, and the American future

March 16, 2022 The international system is in the early stages of its transition from a US-led order based upon American ideals and values to a Chinese-led order based upon Chinese ideals and values. The signs are everywhere. The pace of their arrival is accelerating. Already in 2022, Canada declared the equivalent ... read full

The Looming Threat of Chinese Spyware

January 17, 2022 One of the great lessons of the past two years has been that the events poised to change our lives often percolate far from public consciousness. Gain-of-function research on coronaviruses interested almost no part of the general public until it was far too late. Critical race theory took over our ... read full

What Our Universities Have Wrought, by Seth Forman

September 28, 2021 A review of “The New Civil War: Exposing Elites, Fighting Utopian Leftism, and Restoring America,” by Bruce D. Abramson (Amplify Publishing, 181 pages, $24.95) Abramson’s achievement is to show that trust in the neutral institutions that adjudicate knowledge has collapsed, and to adroitly locate our universities at the center ... read full

The Conservative Temperament Is Dooming America

September 16, 2021 William F. Buckley’s desire to “stand athwart history and yell ‘Stop!’” described a personality type more than a political agenda. Conservatives, by well-earned reputation, tend to revere traditions and institutions, trust authority, and favor measured, incremental change. Dana Carvey’s impersonation of George H.W. Bush caricatured the type brilliantly: ... read full

Woke Crescent

From American Mind Like Obama, Biden bends the arc of the Left toward Islamism. After 20 years of sacrifice and toil, massive investment of American blood and treasure, and sweeping promises to the people of Afghanistan, the U.S., and the world, America’s political class has abandoned Afghanistan to the ... read full

Distrust & Verify

From RealClearPolitics Every member of America’s expert class possessing even a modicum of integrity and self-awareness has long been aware of a simple truth: Only a fool would trust the emanations of America’s leading experts. Worse, the more prestigious the job title, the less trustworthy the pronouncement. Official experts ... read full

US must stop fighting limited wars: The debacle in Afghanistan follows a disastrous pattern of American attempts at limited engagements across Asia

From Asia Times The debacle currently unfolding in Afghanistan has long been predictable. It’s the inevitable consequence of a dismal bipartisan strategic doctrine that has crippled American military effectiveness for at least 60 years: the doctrine of Limited War. This doctrine has proved particularly deadly in Asia, where ... read full

New York after Cuomo: Out With the Bad, In With the Worse?

From Newsmax So Andrew Cuomo has announced that he will resign as New York’s governor in two weeks. Odds are that he will carry through on that promise. It’s worth taking a moment to ask why he’s been forced out — and more importantly, what his departure means for ... read full

No More Slogans

From Tablet Magazine 7/14/21 Antisemitism is on the rise. In response, organizational American Jewry has united behind a slogan: No Fear. A July 11 “Rally in Solidarity with the Jewish People” in Washington, D.C., kicked off the campaign. Its august list of sponsors drew from across the political and religious ... read full

Why ‘Justice for Palestine!’ Is Antisemitic

From The Epoch Times, 8/6/21 American leftists are becoming increasingly open about their antisemitism. On July 31, hundreds of “Pro-Palestine” demonstrators in Brooklyn stripped away all euphemisms with a call to “Globalize the Intifada.” A global intifada is a worldwide terror war against Jews. It’s also—by far—the most ... read full

The Great Awokening

From American Greatness, 7/31/21 If you want to make sense of what appears to be America’s rapid descent into cultural madness, the Public Religion Research Institute’s (PRRI) newly released 2020 Census of American Religion is a good place to start. According to PRRI, nearly a quarter of all ... read full

The American Republic Has Fallen. Do We Have the Will to Restore It?

New essay on substack. The American Republic Has Fallen. Do We Have the Will to Restore It? We have become a nation of cowards living in a fear society. The Fourth of July, like all birthdays, provides a useful opportunity for self-reflection. So before America’s birthday month is out, it’s worth nothing ... read full

Incremental Outrageousness Is Killing America

Critical race theory has exploded into public consciousness. Millions of American parents are just coming to realize that our schools have become woke indoctrination centers preaching divisiveness, bigotry, discrimination, and disdain for American history. Most of them are wondering how we got here. The answer is simple: Slowly. Incrementally. One step ... read full

About American Restoration

I’ve launched a new essay series on Substack: American Restoration…because you can’t conserve what you’ve already lost. Do you consider yourself a patriotic American? Have you forged your political identity as a conservative? A Republican? A libertarian? Maybe a proud, freedom-loving, American liberal? Perhaps even a moderate Democrat? Or maybe you belong ... read full

Pre-Release Interviews

With the release of The New Civil War now imminent, I’ve been getting a bit more exposure. I’ve had three very interesting long-form interviews with: Ales Newman of The New American: The New Civil War and How Conservatives Can Restore America   Ron Coleman on Coleman Nation: “Glory, Glory, How They Rule Ya!”   Brent Hamachek of ... read full

Stop Trusting the Experts!

Every now and then, I’m lucky enough to meet someone who “follows the science.” I count on such folks to teach me some science that I do not yet know. Being scientifically literate, I like to start by asking them some basic questions: How are key data terms defined? How are ... read full

Critical Race Theory vs. American Exceptionalism

Over the past few weeks, legislatures, school boards, and parents have risen to challenge critical race theory (CRT) as a divisive ideology that teaches our children to become racists. Their objections have brought this once-obscure academic theory to the front pages of newspapers around the country. They’ve also ... read full

To Defeat White Supremacism, Fight Critical Race Theory

President Joe Biden, in his address to Congress, repeated his absurd claim that white supremacism is “the greatest” threat facing the country. He then proceeded to promote the defamatory mythology solely responsible for the recent disturbing rise in white supremacism. This truly dangerous incoherence requires a bit of unpacking, beginning with ... read full

Make American Greatness Sustainable!

President Trump’s recent flurry of activity has raised speculation about his future role in American politics. It is thus incumbent upon his strongest supporters to engage in a difficult introspective question: What role does America most need Trump to play? Candidates nominated in appreciation of past service typically fare poorly. The ... read full

An Open Letter to Moderate Democrats

Did you cheer Joe Biden’s victory over Bernie Sanders as a sign that moderation had prevailed within the Democratic Party? If so, this letter is for you.I’m reaching across the aisle with what I hope you’ll see as a friendly request. We can debate politics and policy some other time. ... read full

The Abject Cruelty of Progressivism

Progressivism is an extraordinarily cruel ideology.

Progressive cruelty is everywhere. Consider the poor and poverty. What America’s poor need, more than anything else, is opportunity. Generations of Americans began poor and worked their way upward, handing their children better lives than they themselves had been handed. Opportunity, and opportunity alone, breeds ... read full

The China model has come to America

Too few Americans understand the threat that China’s governing philosophy and structures pose to the US

China envy runs strong among America’s progressive elite. The Communist Party of China’s hold on power and centralized decision-making has long appealed to progressives infuriated with their inability to mandate solutions to global warming ... read full

The Humanities Are Dead | Opinion

The line between toppling statues and burning books is razor thin.

Of course, you’d need at least a cursory education in the humanities to understand why. But if recent events have taught us one thing, it’s that American education no longer includes the humanities.

The humanities—along with anthropology, sociology and related fields—are ... read full

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